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An Internet chat room is a channel of synchronous dialogue between computer users connected through a network of computers.

We also explored the intervention as it was being delivered to provide insights for designing, implementing, and evaluating future chat room-based interventions.

This speed differentiates chat-room discussions from asynchronous computer-mediated communications such as e-mail.

Although some chat rooms may not require registering with a login name, chat rooms designed for social and sexual networking among MSM tend to require registration.

and implemented in northwestern North Carolina within a catchment area of more than 1.3 million people. Two interventionists were recruited and trained to enter local chat rooms.

The interventionists self-identified as gay; one was African American and aged 28 years and the other was white and aged 24 years.

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Internet applications can expedite the process for individuals searching for -others with similar interests or for those who want to connect with others, either electronically or in person.

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